Drinks under the dino

This year’s Vertebrate Paleontology Workshop Meeting (Arbeitskreis Wirbeltierpaläontologie) is taking place at our Museum and we were there to help them empty some glassware. Steffi, Vincent, Fernando, and Jijia will all be presenting this weekend. And Bibi got roped into moderating Sunday morning at 9am 🥳.

Dwarfs and Giants in Science

Amniota lab postdoc Roberto Rozzi has just published a paper in Science! Rozzi et al. 2023 Dwarfism and gigantism drive human-mediated extinctions on islands. https://www.science.org/doi/10.1126/science.add8606 Islands often contain distinctive ecological conditions that can lead to unusual evolutionary trajectories such as dwarf mammoths and giant rats. Rozzi et al. looked across extant and extinct species from islands … More Dwarfs and Giants in Science

Marianne Brasil Visiting

Marianne Brasil (UC Berkeley) is visiting this week to work on the hominin material from the middle Atbara in Sudan. Stay tuned for a publication (or two) on the Atbara fauna soon.

ERC Project PALEONILE Successful First Field Season in Sudan

The ERC Project PALEONILE officially began on December 1st 2022, and the first field season of the project took place from 22 Jan – 17 Feb 2023. Our team (headed by Faysal Bibi) conducted a long survey along the Blue and White Nile rivers in Sudan in search for paleontological sites. Read more about PALEONILE … More ERC Project PALEONILE Successful First Field Season in Sudan

Till defends PhD!

On Feb 20th Till Ramm successfully defended his Ph.D. Quaternary diversity dynamics of Australian reptiles, at the Humboldt University, under the joint supervision of Johannes Müller and Jane Melville (Monash University, Australia). Summa cum laude. Congratulations Till!

Frog Discovery

Museum frogs meet the latest in integrative species delimitation in Alice Petzold‘s postdoc project