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Congrats Gabi, Sebastian, Christy

The year is almost over, and there have been quite a few changes. First and foremost, Gabi successfully defended her dissertation. Congratulations, Dr. Sobral!


Also, Sebastian won the 2nd place in the student competition at the annual meeting of the Herpetological Association of Africa. Congrats also here!

Finally, Christy will be leaving the lab to start her new position in Melbourne, Australia, in January. After Johannes, Christy was the longest member of the lab, and we wish her all the best for her career down under!


Many things happened in the last 6 months, and we have to apologize for being slow with the updates.

In a nutshell:

– Johannes was on a visiting professorship at Ohio University for 2 months in spring, hosted by Don Miles. It was a great time!

– Afterwards, Johannes and Christy worked with Don, Barry Sinervo and Fausto Mendez in Baja California and collected some live Bipes. Very cool to see these critters alive.

– And Martin Kirchner defended his M.Sc. thesis. Congratulations!