From Clone to Bone

From Clone to Bone, a new book on the integration of molecular and paleontological data – edited by Rob Asher (Cambridge) and Johannes Müller – has just been published. You can order it here.

Our new website!

Our new website has been launched!

The end of summer has come with some major changes. Christy successfully defended her thesis and can now be officially called Dr. Hipsley. Here’s a picture of her after the defense, together with her committee (Johannes, Giacomo Bernardi & Barry Sinervo).

Almost simultaneously, Gabi published her first paper and even received some media coverage, for example (in German) (in Portuguese)

Also, Erin will move on to Switzerland to do a postdoc project in the lab of Marcelo Sanchez-Villagra at University of Zurich. We wish her all the best!