Faysal Bibi

My first experience with paleontology came while I was an undergraduate at the University of California, Berkeley. There I worked on North American fossils, participated in fieldwork in the Afar Region of Ethiopia, and started my own paleontological project in the United Arab Emirates. I went on to do a PhD on fossil bovids (antelopes) with Elisabeth Vrba at Yale University, and since that time my collaborations in African projects have expanded to include several paleontological teams working in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania, and a full research projects in the U.A.E. and Sudan. While occasionally taking on side projects like ratite eggshells and elephant trackways, my long-term interest is in the evolution of antelopes, as studied from both modern and fossil perspectives.

I have been an NSF international postdoc at the iPHEP in Poitiers, a Gerstner Scholar at the AMNH in New York, and a Leibniz-DAAD fellow at the MfN in Berlin. I’ve been a research scientist at the Museum für Naturkunde since 2013.

(photo by Chad Cohen)

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