Johannes Müller

Having been interested in herps and fossils since I was little, my aim has always been to bridge the fields of paleontology and extant organismal biology. I originally started out working on extant reptiles and amphibians and then switched to the fossil history of squamates, and also did my Diploma thesis on this issue. Then I left the field of crown-reptiles for a while and carried out my PhD thesis on a group of extinct marine reptiles (thalattosaurs) before getting even “older” in my research and concentrating for many years on Paleozoic amniotes. In parallel, I started working on molecular projects and tried to combine my experiences in this realm with my knowledge in paleontology. In the last years I have returned to where I’m coming from and now work mainly on the evolution and fossil history of crown-reptiles, although this certainly doesn’t exclude projects on early amniotes, diapsid reptiles, and also mammals. Since 2006 I have been working at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin.

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