Roy Ebel

I am an evolutionary biologist with a research focus on hard and soft tissue morphology by means of modern 3D-visualization techniques (µCT) and its implication for the ecology and evolution of reptiles. I have consistently been a guest researcher at the MfN CT-Vis-Lab since my Bachelor’s project on the turtle larynx in 2017. I finished my Master’s on convergent lifestyle signals in the skull roof structure of lizards and snakes in 2020. My supervisors during this time were Johannes Müller, Nadia Fröbisch, and Eli Amson. Since 2021, I have been enrolled as a PhD student at the Australian National University (Scott Keogh’s lab). However, I am currently conducting preliminary work at the MfN until the ongoing travel ban is lifted. In this context, I am expanding my methodological repertoire to include the use of ultrasound techniques. Moreover, I currently work as an intensive care nurse in order to support the healthcare system during the pandemic.