Roberto Rozzi

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My first contact with paleobiology was as an undergraduate in fieldwork campaigns in Sardinia and mainland Italy. I went on to complete a PhD on living and fossil island bovids (dwarfed goats and buffaloes) at Sapienza, Università di Roma (Rome, Italy) in 2014. My research focuses on the evolution of insular mammals from Mediterranean, Asian, and American islands and on Plio-Pleistocene mammal paleoecology, taxonomy, and biochronology (with emphasis on fossil bovids). In addition to field research, I have visited several museums for data collection in the USA and Europe, and I have collaborated in research on body size evolution, conservation of endangered species, and human evolution in Southeast Asia. Currently, I am an Alexander von Humboldt research fellow at Museum für Naturkunde, working on brain size and body size evolution in insular mammals.