Sands of Time: Late Miocene Fossils from the Baynunah Formation, U.A.E.

This page provides preprints of chapters from the upcoming monograph Sands of Time: Late Miocene Fossils from the Baynunah Formation, U.A.E., edited by Faysal Bibi, Brian Kraatz, Mark Beech, and Andrew Hill. This is due to be published by Springer as part of the Vertebrate Palaeobiology and Palaeanthropology Series (series editors Eric Sargis and Eric Delson).

The linked manuscripts below have been peer-reviewed, revised, and accepted for publication by the editors. Please note these are not typeset, and that minor textual and formatting changes and modifications may still take place. Unlinked manuscripts are in some process of review or revision and will be uploaded and available as soon as they are accepted.

All manuscripts available below are citable as ‘in press’, as follows:

Sanders, W. J. In press. Proboscidea, chapter 10 in Sands of Time: Late Miocene Fossils from the Baynunah Formation, U.A.E. (F. Bibi, B. Kraatz, M. Beech, and A. Hill, eds.). Springer, Cham, Switzerland.

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Foreword by Lou Jacobs & Larry Flynn

  1. Introduction – editors
  2. Fossil Localities of the Baynunah Formation, Al Gharbia Region, Abu Dhabi Emirate– Faysal Bibi, Mark Beech, Andrew Hill, Brian Kraatz
  3. An overview of the sedimentology and stratigraphy of the Baynunah Formation (Late Miocene, Arabia, Abu Dhabi) – Mathieu Schuster
  4. Paleomagnetostratigraphy – Daniel Peppe
  5. Excavation and Conservation– Marilyn Fox
  6. Ostracods, Charophytes, and Pollen: Late Miocene paleoenvironments of the Baynunah Formation – Ilaria Mazzini & Marianna Kovacova
  7. Fish from the Baynunah Formation (Late Miocene, Abu Dhabi Emirate) – Olga Otero
  8. Late Miocene amphibians and squamates from the United Arab Emirates: Dispersal timing and paleoenvironments in the Arabian Peninsula – Jason Head & Johannes Müller
  9. The birds of the late Miocene Baynunah Formation, Abu Dhabi Emirate – Antoine Louchart, Faysal Bibi, and John Stewart
  10. Proboscidea – William Sanders
  11. Carnivora from the late Miocene Baynunah Formation, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. – Camille Grohe
  12. Rodentia – Brian Kraatz
  13. Primates of the late Miocene Baynunah Formation, Abu Dhabi – Chris Gilbert & Andrew Hill
  14. Pecorans (Bovidae and Giraffidae) from the Late Miocene Baynunah Formation, U.A.E. – Faysal Bibi
  15. Hippopotamidae from the late Miocene Baynunah Formation – Jean-Renaud Boisserie & Faysal Bibi
  16. The Baynunah Equidae, Late Miocene, United Arab Emirates – Raymond Bernor, Mark Beech, & Faysal Bibi
  17. Trackways – Brian Kraatz
  18. Stable Isotope Paleoecology – Kevin Uno
  19. Paleoecology and Paleobiogeography – Faysal Bibi, Ferhat Kaya, et al.