Stefania Cucuteanu

I am an assistant researcher on the ERC Advanced Grant, Biogeographic and cultural adaptation of early humans during the first intercontinental dispersals (BICAEHFID) project at the Museum fur Naturkunde. My work focuses on the compilation of faunal data from the east African Plio-Pleistocene record. My work is currently focused on the site of Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania where I also participate in fieldwork and undergo research for my PhD through UCL’s Institute of Archaeology. Most recently, I have been involved in fieldwork with The Olduvai Gorge Archaeology Project (OGAP), where I have been curating and sampling the faunal material for dental isotope and microwear analysis for the BICAEHFID Project. My PhD focuses on the research of fossil bovids from Olduvai Gorge.  Using a trait-based analysis of teeth and horn cores, I am interested in identifying evolutionary patterns of mammalian community changes throughout the Olduvai beds that span key periods of early human emergence.