ERC Project PALEONILE Successful First Field Season in Sudan

The Jan-Feb 2023 PALEONILE field team.

The ERC Project PALEONILE officially began on December 1st 2022, and the first field season of the project took place from 22 Jan – 17 Feb 2023. Our team (headed by Faysal Bibi) conducted a long survey along the Blue and White Nile rivers in Sudan in search for paleontological sites.

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Collecting fossils at Abu Hijar (Abu Hugar) on the Blue Nile. Fossils from this site and nearby Sinjah (Singa) were first collected in the 1920s to 1940s. Our team is the first to return to these sites since then. We collected new fossils as well as took samples for age-dating the deposits (OSL).
Sunrise over camp on an ancient dune. West of Kosti, Sudan.